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Intelligent building automation

Buildings and offices take large amounts of equipment to maintain heating, cooling, lighting, and other functions. Having employees or managing it by yourself is very time inefficient. This is why we offer intelligent building automation systems that will handle all of the work for you. Not only does it save businesses owners valuable time, it saves them money as they don't have to hire individuals to manage their systems. It also lowers energy consumption and maintenance costs. Automation systems ensure that ventilation, heating, and basic capabilities of an office are always at an optimal level. This is beneficial for workplace safety and the comfort of its occupants. Happy employees will perform better, plain and simple.

Building technical services

Do you require installation of networking systems or repairs?

A2 Electrical Ltd will help you with a variety of technical services to improve the function and security of your property, including the following.


With the new requirements for fire resistant fixings, fire containment is now a high priority for both new and existing installations. The added benefit is that it also keeps electrical and data systems neat and easy to maintain.


We install CCTV systems so you're always aware of what's happening inside and out. Cameras can be connected to automated lighting systems, 24 hour recording equipment, and sensors. Protect your business and gain a peace of mind with our CCTV installation.

Surge Protection

Power outages and surges are common for buildings that use a lot of electricity through systems and networks. This is a risk that no business owner should take. Such disruptions set back your projects, productivity, and your revenue. We will prevent that from happening by implementing surge protection systems.

Data Infrastructure

We can provide and install structured cabling for networking, Cat 5e and Cat 6, tested and report provided. We can also investigate and test faulty cabling in order to repair or replace.

Fire Alarms

For the safety of your workers and other occupants, fire alarms are mandatory for any building type. Our professional electricians will install them and ensure they are tested for performance.

Emergency Lighting

No one wants the worst to happen, but if it does you need to be prepared. We install and test emergency lighting to make sure the safe escape of any workers or inhabitants should disaster hit.

Lighting design

Getting the right lightning can really make a difference to productivity and help to set up an effective working environment. We perform lux level calculations to design an office space with the perfect lighting levels and ambience.

Inspection and testing

Not only is the inspection and testing of electrical systems a requirement insurance, it is also essential for the early diagnosis of faults to avoid issues before they become a health and safety problem.